Saturday, August 13, 2011

Christ is the Bread and the Crumbs under the Table


        Christ revealed to us that He is the edible Christ that is so ready for us to eat. When I am reading through the footnotes  in Matthew, I read about the the Canaanite woman  that came to the Lord, asking the Lord to help her daughter from demons possession. This Canaanite woman considered the Lord a divine person and the Son of David - a royal descendant, great and high in His reign. But the Lord unveiled Himself to her as small pieces of bread, good for food. 

         When I was reading, on today's reading in week 2 day 6 in the morning revival, this message surprise me a lot that says. " All of us including me, are dirty pagan dogs". We believers of Christ considered ourselves as dogs eating the food drop other the table of His master. The pieces of food that drop under the table is Christ Himself, because Christ is the bread himself, and this bread is not on the table but under the table, that is so ready and so free for us to eat. Brothers and sister, God's Economy today is a matter of eating. We must need to continually take Christ in, by eating Him as the bread for us to be nourished by Him and express Him to others. In other words, we must need to be the believers who are digesting Christ day by day;) Amen.!!!!

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