Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Immerse in thy Love video and Lyrics


I really love this song. A song that shows our great love for the Lord. We need to give the favor back to the Lord as He love us so much. Lord I love you, and I will be with you all my days, come what may.


  • Immersed in Thy love;
    Fresher than morning dew;
    Here I'm kept away from every earthly care.
    Such tender feeling;
    Caressed by my Beloved;
    You're the loveliest, much fairer than the fair.

    • Moments with You,
      How affectionate!
      Now I seize this opportunity to say
      That I love You.
      I will be with You
      All my days, come what may

  • I cannot help it;
    I'm so in love with You
    For I've tasted Your divine heavenly wine.
    I'm soaked with Thy love,
    I pour my all on You.
    What my future holds for me, my Lord are Thine.

  • I'm so attracted
    By Your constraining love,
    And Your Name is sweet as ointment poured forth
    I'm captivated by Your dear Person, Lord.
    Draw me from this age to pursue only You...

  • God's Economy

                The Economy of God (His household administration according to His heart's desire) revealed in the book of Ephesians is accomplished by the exercise of our mingled spirit for the dispensing of the Triune God into us unto the building up of the Church as the Body of Christ.

                 I really enjoyed the verse of Ephesians 2:22 which reveals that our spirit is the dwelling place of God; we are being built together into a dwelling place of God in the spirit. Wow!! This is so enjoyable, I really enjoyed the fact that we are God's dwelling place. God needs the believers to be his dwelling place, because God's Spirit is a dweller and He needs our Spirit to become His dwelling place. How grateful we are that we have God resting in us. 
              Whenever we turn and exercise our Spirit we touch the Body of Christ, because the Body himself is in our regenerated Spirit. Brothers and Sisters, we must need to continually exercise our Spirit, the more we exercise our Spirit we will be come strong in life and we will have the guts and the ability to defeat Satan's dominion who is doing his best to distract and destroy God's economy. The only key to accomplished God's Economy is by exercising our mingled Spirit. We must be a Spirit- Exercising people...

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    The Spirit Comes to Find Us


              Praise the Lord, for God's abundant love that shed's for us. Because of his great love for us, God never rejected death, He was willing to died on the cross for the accomplishment of our redemption. By his death and resurrection he became the life-giving Spirit. And this life-giving Spirit is willing to come and find us, he is willing to seek for His chosen and regenerated people. Brothers and Sisters, whenever we are in our situations, the Spirit Himself will search for us and work within us by his shining words.
              Whenever we are failed in our daily living we just turn to our Spirit. We must learn to be obedient and submissive to Christ inner-working. If we cooperate with Him, this way we will grow in life and He will grow in us and brought us back to the Father, who is just waiting for us patiently in order for us to enjoy his divine inheritance. 
              Now, we have access through Christ in one Spirit unto the Father. Hallelujah!! All we have to do today is to enjoy this unlimited access to the Father, by contacting Him reading His words for the consummation of the New Jerusalem.

    Experiencing the Triune God - Having Access through Christ in one Spirit unto the Father

    Week 3 - Day 2

    Calling in the Lord's name and receiving his gospel gives us access to the Father through the Son. When we contact God we come to Him through Christ in the Spirit to the Father. Having access to God is such a blessing, because we have been reconciled to Him positionally and experientially we have access to the Father. By his death and resurrection God gives us an easy way to have access to the Father. Brothers and sisters, whenever we are failed in our daily living we just turn to our Spirit, contact him and enjoy the Lord us the life giving Spirit, which is so abundant.AMEN!

    Experiencing the Triune God - Having Access through Christ in one Spirit unto the Father

    Week 3 -Day 1

     After we are saved, we have been reconciled to God. After we have been reconciled to God we have access to the Father, and this access is not only in the Body but also in the Spirit. To have access to the Father is to enjoy Him experientially through our Spirit. It is not enough for us to read God's words and know the fact with just our mind,but with our Spirit we will experience the real enjoyment and richness of His words. Now, there is no longer separation , no partition between us and God. Hallelujah!