Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crystalization Study of the Psalms Week 6 day 6 Sharing

Praise the Lord!

While reading in my portion of Morning Revival today. I realized how important it is to be in the dwelling place of God. God's dwelling place is where we can checked on God and be guided in our daily life, like all our decisions and all the things that we do. We can hide ourselves and be protected against Satan's temptation. This is where we can find our rest, our real enjoyment, joy and it's full goodness and bountiful supply. 

             Whenever we have hesitations, questions or problems we just come to God and inquire to Him through our prayers to have a clear revelation and to be unveiled and see and declare that we have nothing in Heaven and in Earth besides God, because without Him our life will be come so miserable. The Church is God's dwelling place, where we can worship God in Spirit and reality. 

            We must need to start loving and coming to the meeting not because of the nice building or we have lots of friends in the church but we need to love the Church because this is where we can touch the Lord and this is where his glory abides.