Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eating Christ as the Tree of Life

                This week of morning revival is a matter of eating. I really appreciate the statement in week 5 day 6 morning revival which says our destiny as a new testament believers is simply to abide in the Lord and to allow the Lord to abide in us. In order for us to abide in the Lord, we must need to open and turn to our Spirit. The key to be in the Spirit is to enjoy the Lord by eating Him us the tree of life. Sad to say, there are times we forget to enjoy the Lord because of being busy doing other things apart from Him.
             But Hallelujah the Lord is always there to remind us, we've notice sometimes the Lord will use other people or give us certain situation to set us back into Him because He care and love's us. Saints, We are the Body of Christ and Christ is our head, as Christ Body we cannot be separated into the Head, because separation from the head means dead.  Living with the Lord is the matter of praying and eating, for me it is easy to say but most of the time I missed to do it because sometimes I still get distracted  with the worldly things. But Hallelujah we just need to call on His name  by calling on the Lord unceasingly He will work into our whole being. Whenever we feel apart from the Lord we just call unto his name and enjoy and  eat Him as the tree of life, by eating Him He will then organically be assimilated into our being.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The New Jerusalem as our unique and Ultimate Goal

               The New Jerusalem as the unique and ultimate goal of God's eternal economy. To know the New Jerusalem we need the revelation and dispensing of Jesus Christ.
             As the believers and followers of Christ we should only have the same goal, which is the New Jerusalem. God undergone through the process of his death and resurrection so that He can easily enter and dispense himself into us in order for us to carry out his eternal economy. For us to do this,we need to be submissive and more open in Christ building by listening and cooperating with his dispensing and instructions. Satan is making lots of strategies in order to destroy  God's Economy by targeting and destructing us the believers of  Christ from our goal.
              We need to enjoy the Triune God by eating Christ as the Tree of life and drinking Him as the water of life and let Him continually flow and nourish us day by day. In that way we can defeat and overcome Satan's dominion and all the things that cause us to replace our goal. We need to enjoy Christ as our life and our portion and let Christ enter into us as the life giving Spirit for us to grow and transformed in life. By enjoying Christ constantly and cooperating with the Lord , he will renew,sanctify,transform,conform,and glorify us so that God's organic salvation maybe accomplished in us for the fulfillment of His Eternal Economy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Christ is the Bread and the Crumbs under the Table


        Christ revealed to us that He is the edible Christ that is so ready for us to eat. When I am reading through the footnotes  in Matthew, I read about the the Canaanite woman  that came to the Lord, asking the Lord to help her daughter from demons possession. This Canaanite woman considered the Lord a divine person and the Son of David - a royal descendant, great and high in His reign. But the Lord unveiled Himself to her as small pieces of bread, good for food. 

         When I was reading, on today's reading in week 2 day 6 in the morning revival, this message surprise me a lot that says. " All of us including me, are dirty pagan dogs". We believers of Christ considered ourselves as dogs eating the food drop other the table of His master. The pieces of food that drop under the table is Christ Himself, because Christ is the bread himself, and this bread is not on the table but under the table, that is so ready and so free for us to eat. Brothers and sister, God's Economy today is a matter of eating. We must need to continually take Christ in, by eating Him as the bread for us to be nourished by Him and express Him to others. In other words, we must need to be the believers who are digesting Christ day by day;) Amen.!!!!